Trebam Birchwood Roletna Cutting Board By East Urban Home

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Trebam Birchwood Roletna Cutting Board By¬†East Urban Home 

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June 20, 2019


We are really enjoying this sectional. It is comfortable and merely the proper size for family. The color is excellent in fact it is an easy task to maneuver around yet it's incredibly strong and sturdy too. Excellent quality overall. I'm delighted from it....Read More

June 20, 2019


So comfortable and the colour matches perfect with my decor and wall colour.

June 20, 2019


Exactly what I needed.  read more 

June 20, 2019


Very comfortable and was easy to assemble.  read more 

June 20, 2019


Looks really good. Put it together by myself though it will assistance to have 2 people. The couch is incredibly hard. It‚Äôs weird because it‚Äôs not uncomfortable hard however you definitely don‚Äôt sink into the cushions, it's going to probably enter more with use. Overall to the look and price I am happy....Read More  read more 


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