Anya Volk Birchwood Time to Dance Cutting Board By East Urban Home

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Anya Volk Birchwood Time to Dance Cutting Board By¬†East Urban Home 

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July 19, 2019


It looks similar to the picture

July 19, 2019


Very low quality of furniture. Sectional won't apparently fit together properly. Strings hanging in areas there shouldn’t be anything hanging. Gaps and uneven areas throughout the couch. See pictures. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS COUCH!!!! Bad experience considering it’s the initial new couch I have ever had. I need anyone to come have a look at this.......Read More

July 19, 2019


A little wobbly, but simple to assemble, stiff but comfortable as well as a great little sofa for the studio or loft.  read more 

July 19, 2019


The couch arrived one big box, which fit through my apartment doors. Assembly was a piece of cake. The parts basically snapped into place. The fabric is really soft therefore far continues to be an easy task to clean. Will probably be receiving the other pieces inside the set in the future....Read More  read more 

July 19, 2019


Omg comfortable!  read more 


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