Shrimp Fleet Glass Cutting Board By Caroline's Treasures

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Shrimp Fleet Glass Cutting Board By¬†Caroline's Treasures 

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May 25, 2019


I love this so do my cats

May 25, 2019


Shipping time was one month pretty much. And the measurements online do NOT match to what was delivered.

May 25, 2019


Nice design, size, and comfortable.  read more 

May 25, 2019


Fashion of computer is unique and comfortable  read more 

May 25, 2019


Needed a couch which could fit down my basement stairs and this was the perfect match since you put it together yourself. This couch is exactly what I expected from reading the reviews. It's definitely black, in the pictures posted online it appears dark grey. The cushions are extremely firm, and if you're not seeking something firm don't purchase this piece. It was quite simple to construct, took about 10-20 minutes and overall looks good with my other furniture inside my basement. Once read more 


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