Cutlery Holder (Set of 2) By Home Basics

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Product Description - Cooking Baking Tools - Cutlery Holder (Set of 2) By Home Basics


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Cutlery Holder (Set of 2) By¬†Home Basics 

Luring the Bobbing Red Robin

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May 23, 2019


The sectional and storage ottoman was amazing. It was the right size for my lounge plus the perfect color. I love the storage ottoman and the pillows came with it too. The entire order was great to the price- I am pretty pleased. It did require a minute to obtain in some places would be a little damage but the two reps and manager that helped me immediately and they took care of me. I will definitely be ordering again!...Read More

May 23, 2019


Im disappointed on line it looked cozy and cozy. It is very hard on it. Its very cheaply made . No springs its a board with cushions.And very small

May 23, 2019


Very comfortable,easy to build. Love it.  read more 

May 23, 2019


Very sturdy and easy to collect, less space-consuming than what I thought but it will do.  read more 

May 23, 2019


Needed a couch that could fit down my basement stairs this also was the ideal match because you assemble it yourself. This couch is really what I expected from reading the reviews. It's definitely black, inside pictures posted over the internet it looks dark grey. The cushions are incredibly firm, and if you're not looking for something firm do not buy this piece. It was very easy to create, took about 10-20 minutes and overall looks great with my other furniture during my basement. Once y read more 


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