Cutlery Holder (Set of 2) By Home Basics

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Product Description - Cooking Baking Tools - Cutlery Holder (Set of 2) By Home Basics


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Cutlery Holder (Set of 2) By¬†Home Basics 

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Perfect Cutlery Holder (Set of 2) By Home Basics with Outdoor



June 20, 2019


Very, Very small and poorly made, wii choice for daily use or for normal sized adults!

June 20, 2019


I love just how its made Ive never seen one made this way and outs easier to get out of bed and down of of.

June 20, 2019


Perfect size, color, nice fabric  read more 

June 20, 2019


This sofa is strictly as pictured and a great value for the money. It arrived the same manner promised and is also extremely comfortable. The microfiber is soft so we ordered the black to complement other furniture which looks great! I would definitely recommend this sofa! I‚Äôm so happy it delivered on hand so quickly as my son really wanted the black....Read More  read more 

June 20, 2019


Nice couch, very comfortable. Feels a bit flimsy but we will see how it holds up.  read more 


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