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PE Plastic Cutting Board By¬†Cook Pro 

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PE Plastic Cutting Board By Cook Pro Reviews 2019



June 15, 2019



June 15, 2019


As many of the reviews say, this set is on the small side. That being said, for that price, genuine it. The color and material is good (got the dark grey fabric), the included ottoman with storage is AWESOME for pillows and throw blankets. If I had a bigger house plus more money to shell out, I would have gone with something else, however for an allowance purchase plus a smallish space, this is well worth the while....Read More

June 15, 2019


This sofa is useful for the money. It was simple enough to collect, but indicates two people.  read more 

June 15, 2019


So disappointed using this type of sofa ! Its super small and super cheap ! its would fit a kids tree house, not really a family sofa..So dissatisfied while using return ( paid 540 Canadian and my return will probably be 450 ..lost 90 ..Very very disappointing...Read More  read more 

June 15, 2019


I loved how easy it turned out to assemble. and it had been not in any respect heavy. it came packaged with all the current pieces. it looks great within my lounge but I absolutely hate how FIRM it is. But for the price, it's not bad in any respect.  read more 


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