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Roast Cutting Tongs By Frieling 

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August 25, 2019


Everything it’s suoer comfy and looks amazing!! It was a breeze to construct.

August 25, 2019


Great size for my living room and color. Was quite simple to construct.

August 25, 2019


The product arrived on time although I had to aid the motive force carry the product that was quite heavy up 3 flights of stairs. The sofa was easily assembled by one individual however a good deal less space-consuming than I had anticipated as well as the quality extremely poor. If it wasn't Such a hustle I would have returned the product. I can't see this product lasting over twelve months....Read More  read more 

August 25, 2019


Comfortable  read more 

August 25, 2019


Great couch for the price!  read more 

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