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Product Description - Cooking Baking Tools - CooknCo Garlic Press By BergHOFF International


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CooknCo Garlic Press By¬†BergHOFF International 

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August 18, 2019


The pieces don't fall into line perfectly where they connect, but it is hardly noticeable. For the purchase price, I still provide it with 5 stars. I got the dark grey also it looks fantastic.

August 18, 2019


The sofa is small, but I must have guessed in line with the price and measurements. But it is a good looking sofa.

August 18, 2019


Perfect for my living room  read more 

August 18, 2019


Kind of tiny great for small apartments or good starter couch!  read more 

August 18, 2019


Pros - Simple assembly, took about 15 mins to place it all together - Fabric is solid quality - Sits just a little firm, but has to be broken in the little more Cons - Front panel of arm rest came off somewhat on arrival Overall 3.55, solid couch for that price. Definitely something I can chillnap on...Read More  read more 


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