Berzai Stoneware Batter Bowl 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set By Mint Pantry

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Product Description - Cooking Baking Tools - Berzai Stoneware Batter Bowl 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set By Mint Pantry

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Berzai Stoneware Batter Bowl 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set By¬†Mint Pantry 

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Berzai Stoneware Batter Bowl 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set By Mint Pantry Reviews 2019



May 25, 2019


I don't often write reviews, but reading these reviews really helped with my decision so I wanted to help another person out. My previous couch was in the 1970's and sinking in so I was in desperate need of the new couch. Problem was, I go on the other floor of your duplex which has a narrow stairwell entry which make it hard to move a couch in. I really wanted a sectional and had been surfing for any solid year, but every couch I found was just too big to suit up the stairwell. I th

May 25, 2019


Unfortunately, this was my first disappointing purchase, from many, on Wayfair. The top of the back of couch emerged right below shoulders. A person looked silly sitting on it as well as how uncomfortable to the person on it. The seat cushions are hardly cushions. The arm rest was barely present. Honestly, the couch fit my 7 and 4 year old perfectly. After waiting 25 days correctly, and out $90 to the shipping cost to send back, we are disappointed but additionally lesson learned to consi

May 25, 2019


Firm but nice size.  read more 

May 25, 2019


The back of the couch doesn‚Äôt lock in perfectly, so it‚Äôs loose. But other wise it‚Äôs pretty good.  read more 

May 25, 2019


The sofa is amazing colour that I wanted size that I needed for a small apartment good price love you wayfair  read more 

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