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Foldable Plastic Cutting Board By¬†Home Basics 

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August 21, 2019


This sectional sofa is the better! It is firm but we like it! The ottaman is extremely good to place blankets or whatever stuffs we can easily put. Affordable sofa. The shipping took awhile coz of freight but hey free freight plus inside delivery! You cant beat that! Wayfair customer care is awesome! They will help unless you are content with the product. Overall we're very happy with all the sofa!...Read More

August 21, 2019


My husband and I love our new sectional

August 21, 2019


Love it. Very nice and comfortable. Will order from wayfair again.  read more 

August 21, 2019



August 21, 2019


It is quite affordable and cozy.  read more 

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