Faux Leather Jewelry Travel Case By Andover Mills

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Product Description - Closet Storage
- Faux Leather Jewelry Travel Case By Andover Mills

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Faux Leather Jewelry Travel Case By¬†Andover Mills 

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September 17, 2019


i love it... it was easy to assembled.... as well as superior to what I expected totally crazy about it.

September 17, 2019


Shipping time was 1 month pretty much. And the measurements online do NOT match to what was delivered.

September 17, 2019


Love it!!! So easy to put together! Fits my space perfectly!  read more 

September 17, 2019


Very comfortable  read more 

September 17, 2019


Easy to put together. Did by myself in about quarter-hour. Looks good and it‚Äôs pretty comfortable to the price. Don‚Äôt pull the tag out from the corner. It ripped a hole in the cushion.  read more 

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