Bottom Hanger with Adjustable Cushion Clips (Set of 100) By Rebrilliant

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Product Description - Closet Storage
- Bottom Hanger with Adjustable Cushion Clips (Set of 100) By Rebrilliant


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Bottom Hanger with Adjustable Cushion Clips (Set of 100) By Rebrilliant 

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The bestBottom Hanger with Adjustable Cushion Clips (Set of 100) By Rebrilliant



August 26, 2019


I bought this for my granddaughter and he or she loves it. Everything regarding it is excellent. It's comfortable, spacious, and looks fantastic. Thumbs up

August 26, 2019


Perfect size

August 26, 2019


Pros - Simple assembly, took about 15 mins that will put it all together - Fabric is solid quality - Sits a bit firm, but must be broken in a extra Cons - Front panel of arm rest came off a bit on arrival Overall 3.55, solid couch for that price. Definitely something I can chillnap on...Read More  read more 

August 26, 2019


Haven't build yet hope it's 5 stars  read more 

August 26, 2019


The color scheme matched perfectly for my home! I was capable of put it together myself and put it in their proper space with ease. There was no real heavy lifting involved once complete, I felt compelled to use it out. This sofa creates a soft, homey feel and I love what it does for your place....Read More  read more 


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