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- Chisdock Metal Armoire By Zoomie Kids


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Chisdock Metal Armoire By¬†Zoomie Kids 

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August 23, 2019


Super comfortable, stylish, and incredibly an easy task to setup! I know a great deal of ppl inside the comments because of this item declared it would be much easier to setup with 2 ppl but honestly i could’ve tried it myself. My housemate and I built it plus it literally took ten mins! On time delivery, also it the purchase price (for home based delivery included) was more than reasonable....Read More

August 23, 2019


It’s comfortable, it absolutely was an easy task to build and I love the style.

August 23, 2019


I am very disappointed. What I was delivered was obviously a sofa from your different company. The cushions are certainly not reversible not removable. The cushion covers are not designed off in any way.  read more 

August 23, 2019


The couch has already been needs to creak horribly. We‚Äôve barely been there 2 months! Not one of the most comfortable either  read more 

August 23, 2019


this sofa was an easy task to assembled, i became capable of singing it on my own in minutes. it is pretty firm which can be things i prefer so that it solved great!  read more 


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