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Product Description - Closet Storage
- Double Decker Boot Storage By Boottique, Inc.


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Double Decker Boot Storage By¬†Boottique, Inc. 

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August 26, 2019


Love it, looks great and comfy

August 26, 2019


Perfect fit for my lounge. Traded a 2 piece couch set for this sectional and yes it opened plenty of space.

August 26, 2019


I find it irresistible. Nice and firm although not hard. Perfect for sitting  read more 

August 26, 2019


I find it irresistible. Nice and firm although not hard. Perfect for sitting  read more 

August 26, 2019


The couch were only available in one big box, which fit through my apartment doors. Assembly was quite simple. The parts basically snapped into place. The fabric is absolutely soft and thus far may be simple to clean. Will apt to be obtaining the other pieces inside the set inside the future.  read more 


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