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- 36 Pair Shoe Rack By Rebrilliant

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36 Pair Shoe Rack By Rebrilliant 

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August 24, 2019


A great starter set for an initial apartment

August 24, 2019


Starting falling apart after six months. Springs coming thru the cushions. Seams coming apart. Wayfair customer service is amazing and rectified the situation.

August 24, 2019


Great products  read more 

August 24, 2019


We selected the product because it was fairly inexpensive but reviews were promising for sturdy. As a young mom of an toddler I was not ready to spend thousands over a sofa that will inevitably be jumped on, spilled on or used with a pirate ship in my daughters next adventure. Assembly can be so easy, its a good looking piece as well as better is always that no toys or snacks might be lost within the cushions! This couch is quite firm, but still rather comfortable. Would suggest to any or al read more 

August 24, 2019


Small piece of furniture. Won’t stand the exam of time.  read more 


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