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Product Description - Coffee Tables
- Scheel Coffee Table By Brayden Studio

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Scheel Coffee Table By¬†Brayden Studio 

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August 23, 2019


It's the proper size for my apartment and you need water and soap for stains.

August 23, 2019


It fits perfectly inside our lounge and I love the color

August 23, 2019


Very comfy & perfect size for my room  read more 

August 23, 2019


Very an easy task to build, soft but firm! I love it!!  read more 

August 23, 2019


Surprising how easy it absolutely was to put together , my daughter and I (5'2 & 5') made it happen . no tools needed. and may be taken back apart for easy moving. so elegant. Comfortable not soft not hard. My son found find it and he is 6' 200lbs. and sat on it and said ; Oh yeah this is comfortable this really is nice! worth the money.. were beginning to get the room together ,here's a photo . She is pretty face-to-face....Read More  read more 


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