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Product Description - Coffee Tables
- Maxillaria Coffee Table By Brayden Studio

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Maxillaria Coffee Table By¬†Brayden Studio 

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The bestMaxillaria Coffee Table By Brayden Studio



August 23, 2019


Love it! I read some negative reviews regarding the low height with the back. I'm 5'2 and my partner is 6'2 and we both very comfortable!

August 23, 2019


Great sofa to the price. It is very firm which is what I am seeking. Bought blue jeans and it’s awesome color. I really love it... are interested in the way the firm and quality will remain.. as new it can be looking really great...Read More

August 23, 2019



August 23, 2019


Comfy and good size! It was good enough that I can take a nap into it straight, but not as bulky mainly because it fits our small apartment perfectly. I love the fabric, its soft and smooth. I wish the arm and back rests were a little higher though, but overall beneficial to the price! Would recommend....Read More  read more 

August 23, 2019


Amazing , and big , super comfortable  read more 

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