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Brinkman Coffee Table By¬†Charlton Home 

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August 21, 2019


It is indeed comfortable !!!

August 21, 2019


I am really satisfied with my purchase. It fits perfectly in my small living area!!!

August 21, 2019


The color scheme matched perfectly for my liveable space! I was able to put it together myself and place it in the proper space easily. There was no real hard work involved once complete, I felt compelled to use out. This sofa produces a soft, homey feel and I love what it really does for your place....Read More  read more 

August 21, 2019


I am so sorry when planning on taking so long to publish this review! I thought I had completed it along time ago. My 1 bedroom apartment is just 499 sq. feet so I needed furniture over a smaller scale. This sofa and matching love seat goes so well inside my small space as we discussed and fits the space perfectly. I also purchased them after they were available for sale which was obviously a whole lot also. Enjoy the pictures and Go purchase own today!...Read More  read more 

August 21, 2019


It‚Äôs really beautiful within my home. Im happy with my purchase  read more 


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