Ona 3 Piece Coffee Table Set By Bloomsbury Market

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Product Description - Coffee Tables
- Ona 3 Piece Coffee Table Set By Bloomsbury Market

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Ona 3 Piece Coffee Table Set By¬†Bloomsbury Market 

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Customer reviews: Ona 3 Piece Coffee Table Set By Bloomsbury Market



August 24, 2019


Perfect! Wasnt too complicated to put together, took an overall of thirty minutes!

August 24, 2019


Love this sofa! It fits perfectly in our lounge, as well as the color is fabulous. It arrived 3 flat boxes and was super easy to gather. It is what I would expect for the price. I would totally buy it again. The delivery was fast and simple; these were in and out in 10 minutes. It is very firm, however, so if you are searching for a soft sofa, this isn't the main one. We like the firmness and expect it might soften a little with time with use....Read More

August 24, 2019


Haven't put together yet hope it's 5 stars  read more 

August 24, 2019


Easy assembly perfect timing (shipping) cute and sturdy  read more 

August 24, 2019


Great for the price.  read more 

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