Torsten 3 Piece Coffee Table Set By Orren Ellis

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Product Description - Coffee Tables
- Torsten 3 Piece Coffee Table Set By Orren Ellis

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Torsten 3 Piece Coffee Table Set By¬†Orren Ellis 

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August 23, 2019


We purchased the dark gray couch and also like it. The dimensions are suitable for our space along with the color is what we expected. Our delivery and hang up team was EXCELLENT.

August 23, 2019


It looks great but is among the most uncomfortable piece of furniture you could ever buy. The floor is simply as soft...

August 23, 2019


There was many mixed reviews but I can tell you that I adore it. Soft short velvet like material, firm but comfortable! Just the way I like it.  read more 

August 23, 2019


Comfy along with the right size  read more 

August 23, 2019


Comfy along with the right size  read more 

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