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Valencia Console Table By¬†New World Trading 

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September 18, 2019


not very comfortable, significantly less cushiony as I would've liked. it was and a lot small compared to I had thought. I guess I should have really viewed the dimensions, I no one the culprit but myself! installation was simple, just were only available in 3 big pieces (one too was the ottoman, so really just 2 big pieces to construct) other than that, means that good! I just really wish it turned out bigger!...Read More

September 18, 2019


Very comfortable

September 18, 2019


I was very on edge regarding how ordering a couch would end up, however I am VERY satisfied and shocked at the quality and stylishness on this couch thinking about the price I purchased it at. Mission Accomplished!!...Read More  read more 

September 18, 2019


Just broke my ankle soon after buying this in fact it is so easy to penetrate and out of  read more 

September 18, 2019




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