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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- Hassler Console Table By Astoria Grand


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Hassler Console Table By¬†Astoria Grand 

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September 17, 2019


The cheapest price any where

September 17, 2019


I'm penning this review a full year after my purchase. I LOVE this couch. It's firm, but comfortable. It's held up above the season. Couldn't be happier.

September 17, 2019


Perfect size for my space. Easy to construct! Well worth the money!!!  read more 

September 17, 2019


The grovesare warped which prevents the back of the sofa to securely fit. I don‚Äôt feel as much as the aggravation of rebooting and returning. Just a waste of money  read more 

September 17, 2019


Although it is best than having no couch, it's quite small, and it is hard. Further, the information is plush/velvetty thereby, attracts hair.  read more 


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