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- Ladonna Console Table By Canora Grey

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Ladonna Console Table By¬†Canora Grey 

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September 18, 2019


It's much smaller pc appears inside the picture, and it is not very comfortable. Hopefully continued use will use it down a bit. It's very stiff.

September 18, 2019


The color, along with the size.

September 18, 2019


I couldn‚Äôt ask for a better made couch because of this price!  read more 

September 18, 2019


I love this sofa because i could set down onto it and watch tv its confertable .  read more 

September 18, 2019


It is just not comfortable by sitting on, its very narrow for seating, not at all something to sleep on.. I thought given it was 50 plus off which it would be a good sofa, the main one and does not fit on even though I tried to hammer the metal in order that it would slide on...Read More  read more 

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