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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- Rhinelander Console Table By Red Barrel Studio

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Rhinelander Console Table By Red Barrel Studio 

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September 17, 2019


I love how easy it had been to assemble. The couch is firm but comfortable. The ottoman is indeed convenient for really blankets. And the whole set is light as well as simple to move. Perfect for our townhome.

September 17, 2019


This couch is perfect! It’s sufficiently small to fit within my small lounge, yet, just right to comfortably sit guests or cuddle with my wife. Came just as described. The cushions are firm, but a lot of so. They feel much more space-age foam in how these are firm and soft at the same time. It was incredibly easy to assemble on my own. Did the entire thing in fifteen minutes. We love this couch!...Read More

September 17, 2019


Wasn’t truly the kind of black I thought it will be, if you do have a pet that sheds a good deal I wouldn’t recommend this couch. As far as quality, it’s fine for the price I paid.  read more 

September 17, 2019


Beautiful! Just what I was searching for.  read more 

September 17, 2019


Easy to put together but you must website visitors to do it properly. It does get my dogs fur on it but is easy to completely clean, I use a fur removal which is back as new.  read more 

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