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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- Chatelet Console Table By Hooker Furniture

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Chatelet Console Table By¬†Hooker Furniture 

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September 17, 2019


Very nice and top quality!

September 17, 2019


Love it. Wish the pillows werent velcroed in position though.

September 17, 2019


Perfect for naps  read more 

September 17, 2019


I was super reluctant to buy this due to the reviews, but I simply wanted a couch in our basement for my son and the friends to hang from, so for THAT, this can be fine. It does NOT have removable cushions just like the description states, and I was super bummed with that. It is very firm and small , this can be not an item you'd want on your living room or any intent on spending much time on. This is much more for looks rather than comfort....Read More  read more 

September 17, 2019


its top quality for that price! perfect for my kids playroom!  read more 


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